DESCOR® | Textile stretch walls and ceilings

Society is changing. And with it, the needs for modern, contemporary living and working are also modifying itselves. With architecturally valuable textiles from PONGS®, we create completely new ways of room design. Our innovative solutions are already inspiring architects, designers and planners worldwide.

DESCOR® system

With DESCOR®, the innovative concept for textile interiors, completely new dimensions open up in wall and ceiling design. The system for covering walls, ceilings and panels completely redefines exclusive room design and is the modern alternative to conventional wallpapers and coverings. DESCOR® is not only easy, precise and clean to assemble, but is also characterized by a particularly seamless result and a smooth surface. The system thus combines aesthetics and the highest functional features. Clever properties enable completely new room architectures and, with a spectrum of almost unlimited design options, leave nothing to be desired.

Whether for private living or the contract sector, for new buildings or renovations – the DESCOR® system is suitable for every project and every room. The textiles we use are not only among the widest available on the market, they are also equipped with all the necessary quality and safety certificates. In perfect coordination with the innovative assembly system, they transform a room into an aesthetic and functional overall concept within a very short time.

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Made in Germany | Excellent quality

Modern building projects require innovative concepts and new materials that meet the zeitgeist and can realize the greatest possible freedom in design. Nowadays, room and object design is becoming an experience, flexibility is becoming increasingly important. With the DESCOR® system from PONGS® for textile stretch walls, rooms can be furnished in a highly individual, valuable and innovative way. The desire for flexibility is always retained: the modular DESCOR® walls and ceilings can be exchanged and renewed within a very short time. All of this taking into account the highest quality standards, high cost efficiency and low effort. Those who broaden their own horizons and dare to change are rewarded: with textile DESCOR® stretch walls that give a luxurious, pleasant feeling of space.

Acoustics | The beauty of the silence

Silence is the sound of inner calm. Acoustic moments are becoming increasingly important in interior design, because contemporary design, that should positively affect all of our senses, is more and more in demand. Only optimal acoustics make noticeable comfort perfect.

Sound-absorbing textiles from PONGS® are conceptually ambivalent. Used in the DESCOR® system, they harmonize the sound of the room and at the same time convince visually, whether with a three-dimensional surface such as SILENCIO® or crinkle-proof like AKUSTICO®. Thanks to bright colors and detailed prints, these textiles become a decorative element for walls, ceilings, room dividers or pieces of furniture.

Perfect backlighting | Bright enthusiasm

Light creates atmospheres and moods; it is one of the most important elements of architectural concepts because it has a direct influence on emotions. The creation of perfect light diffusion is sometimes a supreme textile discipline. This is why evenly illuminated DESCOR® walls and ceilings set new standards in architecture. Specially developed textiles spark a luminous liaison between function and aesthetics.

PONGS® manufactures the world’s best products for optimal backlighting and meets the high demands of the market with specially developed, innovative textiles: minimal yarn spacing thanks to tight weaving technology, crease-resistant finish, virtually free from white and black breakage and also excellent in light scattering and permeability.

Good indoor climate | Air conditioning and heating

The DESCOR® system for textile stretch walls and ceilings is highly flexible and can be adapted to all spatial conditions. Air conditioning and heating systems can also be easily integrated into the room concept using the latest standards and thanks to innovative solutions. The textile walls and ceilings create a pleasant atmosphere and a cozy feeling of space.

Together with heating and air systems, the DESCOR® system takes the room climate to the next level. With the help of appropriate substructures and flap systems, for example, ventilation pipes and radiators can be installed and discreetly hidden by the textile stretch ceilings. Rooms are equipped at the highest technical level, but always retain their elegant look.


Ecological standards as well as the highest fire protection norms

Certified for HP Latex Inks

Certified for HP Durable Textiles

REACH Compliance certified

Indoor Air Comfort Gold®

fabric free of formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds (VOC)

Certified acoustic absorption values

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 (Hohenstein)

Conformité Européenne conformity marking within the European Economic Area


DIN EN 13501-1

ASTM E84-16

NF P 92 503-507

NFPA 701-2015


Products | Textiles for architecture


Premium-Textil aus Polyester mit PU-Beschichtung


Premium-Textil aus Polyester mit Aluminium-Pigmenten


Coloriertes Premium-Textil aus Polyester mit PU-Pigmenten


Coloriertes Premium-Textil mit Farbverlauf aus Polyester mit PU-Pigmenten


Akustisch wertvolle, schallabsorbierende Eigenschaften


Schallabsorbierende, dreidimensionale Gewebestruktur. Rautengröße 5 mm.

SILENCIO® Size 5 colours

Schallabsorbierende, dreidimensionale Gewebestruktur. Rautengröße 5 mm.


Schallabsorbierende, dreidimensionale Gewebestruktur. Rautengröße 10 mm.

SILENCIO® Size 10 colours

Schallabsorbierende, dreidimensionale Gewebestruktur. Rautengröße 10 mm.


Schallabsorbierendes Textil. Sehr hohe Abriebfestigkeit.


Schallabsorbierendes Textil. Aus 100% recycelten Plastikflaschen.


Zur verstärkenden akustischen Wirkung.

DESCOR® Translucent


DESCOR® Opaque

Schwarz beschichtete Rückseite, weiße Aufsichtsseite. Universell einsetzbar. Ideal für Frontprojektionen

DESCOR® Diffusor

Schützt hinterleuchtete DESCOR® Wände- und Decken vor Staub und Schmutz

Matthias Kastner

Matthias Kastner

DESCOR® Professional Düsseldorf

DESCOR® training
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Become an authorized installer of the DESCOR® system and get an insight into the wide range of applications. Get to know the professional implementation of DESCOR® wall and ceiling coverings in theory and practice on one training day.

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