Research Lab | Quality management on the highest level

PONGS® develops and manufactures technical textiles using latest standards and technologies. These exactly comply with the needs of the markets and additionally fulfill functional properties like hygienic or flame retardancy. Together with institutes for textile engineering we design modern state-of-the-art product for various fields of applications

Facts | Information

Optimization | Development

The PONGS® textile laboratory located in Mühltroff will soon be supplemented with a modern pilot plant to optimize ongoing production processes, further improve quality standards and constantly develop new products. This pilot plant depicts the core components of our production facilities on a smaller scale so that we can respond more quickly and more precisely to the challenges of existing products and develop new products in a more targeted manner. Thanks to this efficient Research lab, PONGS® will be able to produce and test new products and product variations on a small scale in order to test them in practical operation from the user’s point view.

Fire protection | Our laboratories

This research department of PONGS® is supplemented by a physical and chemical laboratory. In our physical laboratory, yarns and fabrics are thoroughly tested for their properties and for possible defects or soiling. The chemical laboratory tests and develops the special textile coatings. All lots of equipment are tested intensively for perfect qualities. Relevant, international fire protection standards are constantly checked by means of flame retardance tests in our firing boxes, based on DIN 4102-B2, NFPA701 as well as on JFRA method A-1 and method D.

Print Lab | Quality

Together with both Print Labs in Mühltroff and Düsseldorf, PONGS® is in a unique market position, as technical textiles can be tested here for digital printing on a large scale up to 5 m width on UV and up to 3.2 m width in DyeSub direct printing. These outstanding possibilities for checking and optimizing qualities are also used in cooperation with well-known printer manufacturers in order to promote the development of new machines.

Cooperations  | A strong basis

In close exchange with leading suppliers of printing machines, PONGS® provides complete solutions for professional colour management: our multifunctional fabrics are always printable at the highest level.