Quality strategy | PONGS® GROUP

With a tradition going back more than 100 years, the PONGS® GROUP is one of the leading manufacturers of textiles in the areas of interior design, visual merchandising, trade fair construction, stages, theatres and digital printing. The quality of our products and the satisfaction of our national and international customers are our top priority.

In order to meet these demands, we rely on our fully integrated production in our plant in Mühltroff, Saxony, where we carry out all production processes from yarn spinning to warp knitting and weaving, pre-treatment and finishing to the automated packaging of our products for shipping carry out the latest technical standards yourself.

We chose the location out of conviction: Safe production conditions, well-trained specialists and the proximity to our German suppliers help us to ensure the goal of consistently high quality of our products and services.

Through extensive quality controls and continuous testing of all relevant processes, we also ensure that our high quality standards and the requirements of our customers are met.

Due to the close link between production and our development department, we also pursue the goal, in cooperation with institutes for textile research and testing, to meet the requirements of the market precisely, to be able to offer state-of-the-art products for very different applications and, on request, to also fulfil other functional properties such as hygiene or fire protection.

This approach also supports us in consolidating the long-term, partnership-based relationship we strive for with our customers and suppliers, with whom we actively exchange experiences in terms of improving quality and product development.

Through targeted training, concrete and openly communicated guidelines on the parameters of quality assurance and work in flat hierarchies, we also promote the awareness of our staff for the importance of independent action and process-oriented thinking, as well as the striving for continuous improvement. Starting with the management and the senior staff, we promote our own quality awareness, employee motivation and satisfaction.

The key figures, production parameters and process flows implemented for this purpose are subject to constant review for potential improvements in order to eliminate weaknesses identified in a process by continuously adapting and optimising the processes. Corresponding target values are discussed, revised and defined at regular intervals in a management circle created specifically for this purpose with a focus on quality issues.

The components of this quality policy are integrated into our quality management system, which is based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. All associated processes, specifications and documents are described in our quality manual and are thus enforced for all employees at the Mühltroff production site.

The relevant contact persons are informed about all relevant data for our customers and suppliers directly and in an appropriate form personally by the employees responsible at our company or via appropriate, supplementary communication channels..

Principles of our quality management

  • Orientation towards the wishes and needs of our customers with special attention to their requirements and expectations with regard to the quality of our products
  • Responsibility of our management for the compliance with the given quality standards in all phases of the work processes and the planning, implementation, inspection and improvement of all measures required for this purpose
  • Involving our employees in all relevant processes and measures
  • Observance of process-oriented thinking to maintain and further improve product quality, customer satisfaction, environmental awareness and sustainability, in compliance with all legal regulations, as well as relevant standards that go beyond these
  • Striving for continuous improvement of all processes and our products and work, applying preventive and corrective quality measures
  • Decision-making, among other things, on the basis of technical facts acquired through communication with the customers and ascertained through market observation and analyses of the environment
  • Maintaining a partnership with all relevant interested and involved parties

Ecological responsibility & sustainability

Furthermore, we attach great importance to the sustainability of our production. PONGS® is aware of its ecological responsibility in this respect. Our claim is not only to comply with the world’s highest environmental standards, but also to fall far below their specified limits. To achieve this, we use the most modern energy and environmental technology in order to constantly conserve resources, to keep the impact on the environment as low as possible and to produce in a climate-neutral way. We see clean waste water, clean air and a conscious energy balance not only as our responsibility towards our production site, but also as a contribution to the increasingly important context of global responsibility.

In order for our customers to also benefit from this and to respond to the changing demands of the market, which is striving for more sustainability, we are researching, for example, environmentally friendly, naturally degradable fibres and coatings. Most of our textiles are certified according to the OEKO-TEX®-Standard, and we are increasingly using yarns based on recycled polyester.

We explicitly include our employees in these considerations. By using water-based raw materials and a complex exhaust air system, we not only fulfil the legal requirements, but also enable our employees in production to work under the most favourable conditions possible.