Industrial design loft

Berlin, Germany
This Berlin loft in industrial design lives from the openness of the room, from modern colors and shapes and from a futuristic wall motif. The work of the artist Kanjo Také was digitally printed on DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic from PONGS®. This sound-absorbing textile is ideally suited as a wall covering and harmonizes the sound of the room. Acoustic moments are becoming increasingly important in interior design: contemporary design that should positively affect all the senses is more in demand than ever. This loft in particular, with its exceptionally high ceilings and large windows, benefits from the acoustic properties of the luxurious DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic.

The modern, expressive motif comes from the Düsseldorf artist Kanjo Také. He is the master of the art of the 21st century. He links painting with technical media such as digital photography and the computer. His works are shaped by Western and Far Eastern influences. They lead to a previously unseen burst of fantasy and new images with which he sees the world and explains it at the same time. Také's impressive, digital montages live from the large format display and are predestined for high-quality art production on the finest textiles from PONGS®.

Photos: private
Client / year of construction: private / 2016

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DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic with digital printing

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19,25 sqm