Villa Mulhouse

This private villa in Mulhouse, France, has its very own special charm. Here old meets new, tradition meets modernity. The beautiful old floors, doors and wall cladding made of wood were supplemented with innovative textile wall and ceiling coverings. DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic from PONGS® with different designs was installed throughout the house. Sandrine Ziegler-Munck designed these in perfect harmony with the overall concept of the house and each room. Thus, each of the rooms is access to its very own world. In addition, the room sound of the villa is effectively improved, because DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic effectively absorbs the reverberation – especially in rooms with high ceilings. Stucco and decorative strips, lights and spots as well as sockets can be perfectly integrated into the DESCOR® system.

Designs / Photos: Sandrine Ziegler-Munck


Mulhouse, France



Project management / architects:

PONGS® & Arketex


PONGS® & Arketex

Products / Objects:

DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic with digital print

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