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Legal information and copyright

The information given on this website by Joerg Wuestefeld has been compiled with great care and is regularly updated. Notwithstanding scrupulous checks, we cannot guarantee faultlessness and therefore exclude any liability or guaranty regarding exactness, completeness and topicality of the information supplied on this website. This applies particularly to websites indicated by hyperlinks. These are outside websites beyond our control. We therefore expressly exclude any liability for the content of such sites. Equally exluded is any responsibility for the data protection measures taken by the operators of such websites. The intellectual property contained in our website, including patents, brand names and copyright is registered. This website does not permit the use of the intellectual property. Without our written consent, copying, distribution and other use are not permitted.

We reserve the right to change or supplement the given information/data at any time, without prior notice. As far as our websites refer to statements or forecasts related to the future, these generally express our personal views and evaluations which are of course subject to risks and imponderabilities.

Joerg Wuestefeld is not under the obligation to up-date such statements. Any liability for such statements or information is expressly excluded.

All brands and logos mentioned on this website are registered brand names

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