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Creative Hotspot

International customers, renowned architects and designers are thrilled.

Villa Lantz is the Sales and Creative Department of the PONGS® Group and, as a holistic showroom, presents textile solutions of unprecedented dimensions. Applicability and functionality are combined with modern design and contemporary art. “At Villa Lantz, we are realizing an exclusive mixture of high-quality room and object design,” says Helena and Bernd Lautenbach.

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Impressive Interior

Living Concept Consulting creates extraordinary living environments.

PONGS® and LIVING CONCEPT Consulting create a composition of historical charm and exclusive design in the 1806 Villa Lantz. Textile architecture as well as luxurious furniture and unique lighting design strengthen each other for an impressive, completely new ambience.

Source of inspiration

Here, wonderful worlds unite and in their interaction create something uniquely magical and a milestone for textile construction.

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Fresh design
Our young, multi-headed team thinks out of the box and always develops new ideas for creative, impressive space worlds.
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Textile architecture
With the fast, flexible DESCOR® system for textile wall and ceiling coverings, the rooms of Villa Lantz are transformed in no time at all.
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Extravagant features
Exclusive furniture and light elements emphasize the old beauty of Villa Lantz and let it shine in new splendor.
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New beginnings for art and culture

The reviving use of the late neoclassical mansion Lantz is not only an important step for PONGS® and Living Concept Consulting, but also for the city of Düsseldorf. There is a lively exchange with the local art and culture scene.

Learn all about the history of the Villa Lantz

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The renaissance of Villa Lantz

Fresh wind and new splendor: Helena and Bernd Lautenbach receive a venerable piece of the past and create a new piece of the future. The Villa Lantz in Düsseldorf is a creative center, an impressive hotspot and guidepost for architecture, design and art.

Helena & Bernd Lautenbach
“We put the historic building in Lohausen back in the glory of old times. The Villa Lantz is the new design hotspot in Düsseldorf. You will hardly believe your eyes. “
covered to walls and ceilings
square meters
spread over three floors
restoration hours
until the opening in September 2019
Head Office Stadtlohn
Boschstraße 2
48703 Stadtlohn | Germany
Phone +49 2563 405-0
Sales & Creative Department Düsseldorf
Villa Lantz
Lohauser Dorfstraße 51 – Lantz’scher Park
40474 Düsseldorf | Germany
Phone +49 211 54230-800
Production Mühltroff
Bahnhofstraße 21
07919 Pausa-Mühltroff | Germany
Phone +49 36645 350-0


Stay up to date!

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Video Villa Lantz

Come in ... „Lokalzeit aus Düsseldorf“ by the German TV channel WDR was guest in the Villa Lantz for a television report.

CMYUK wowed by Villa Lantz

Directors from CYMUK, the UK’s leading independent supplier of digital wide-format printers, cutters and textile materials visited Villa Lantz, the stunning headquarters of PONGS®.

The renaissance of Villa Lantz

The Villa Lantz in Lohausen is to become a creative place again and in future to combine Dusseldorf tradition with modern design and contemporary art.

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Breathtaking compositions made of textiles by PONGS® and exclusive interior.

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Textile architecture – find out more here

Unleash your creative potential and realize your own ideas with the DESCOR® system from PONGS®.