Terms of use for our guest WLAN

1. Subject and Scope of these Terms of Use

These Terms of Use govern your and our rights and obligations in connection with the use of our guest WLAN access.


2. Our services

(1) We provide access to the Internet in our business premises in the form of a WLAN access (“hotspot”) for free use.

(2) The provision of the hotspot depends on our respective technical and operational possibilities. There is no entitlement to a functioning hotspot or specific local coverage of the hotspot.

(3) We also do not guarantee that the hotspot can be used without disruption and interruption. Also we can not guarantee transmission speeds.

(4) We reserve the right to change, restrict or discontinue access to the hotspot in the event of necessary technical repair and maintenance without prior notice.

(5) There is no claim that certain services can be used via the hotspot. In particular, port locks can be made. In general, surfing the Internet and sending and receiving e-mails is possible.


3. Access and use

(1) We offer our guest WLAN only for visitors of our company. It is not a publicly available telecommunications service, but an internal WLAN for guests of our company.

(2) A prerequisite for use is that you activate the use of the hotspot by entering a password and accept the validity of these Terms of Use at the beginning of the use of the hotspot. This is done when selecting the hotspot as a wireless network in the terminal usually on the appearing welcome page and pressing the “Accept” button.

(3) There is no right to use the hotspot. We reserve the right to limit or discontinue access to the hotspot at any time without giving reasons.

(4) The current version of these Terms of Use shall apply, which will be made available to you when registering for the hotspot.


4. Access data

(1) If you have provided registration data (network name and password) in the course of a registration, they must be kept secret by you and not be made accessible to unauthorized third parties.

(2) If you have received registration data, you have to ensure that the access to and use of the hotspot with your user data is solely through you as a user. If there are facts that justify the assumption that unauthorized third parties have gained knowledge of your access data, you have to inform us immediately.

(3) You are liable as a user for any use and / or other activity that is performed under your access data, according to the legal provisions.


5. Your duties as a user

(1) You are required to comply with applicable laws when using our hotspot.

(2) Further obligations resulting from other provisions of these Terms of Use remain unaffected.


6. Prices

The service is provided free of charge.


7. Availability of services

Since our services are provided free of charge, you have no claim to use of the hotspot. However, we endeavor to ensure that the hotspot can be used as uninterrupted as possible.


8. Forbidden actions

  • the posting, distribution, offering and promotion of pornographic content, services and / or products that violate child protection laws, data protection laws and / or other law;
  • the publication or accessibility of content that offends or defames other participants or third parties;
  • the use, provision and distribution of content, services and / or products that are protected by law or encumbered with third-party rights (such as copyrights) without expressly being authorized to do so;
  • the public accessibility of copyrighted works or other illegal acts, in particular in the use of so-called “Internet file sharing” or file-sharing services.
  • furthermore, irrespective of any possible violation of the law while posting their own content on the website of the service provider or communicating with other users (for example by sending personal messages, participating in discussion forums, etc.), the following activities are prohibited:
    • the transmission of above-average data volumes and, in particular, the continued transmission of such data volumes;
    • hosting a web server or other server by using a hotspot of the service provider;
    • changing the default DNS servers in the network settings of the service provider’s hotspot;
    • the sending of junk or spam e-mails and chain letters;
    • the spread of viruses, Trojans and other harmful files;
    • the distribution of offensive, sexually explicit, obscene or defamatory content or communication as well as any content or communication suitable or intended to promote or support racism, fanaticism, hatred, physical violence or unlawful acts (in each case explicitly or implicitly );

Also prohibited is any action that is likely to affect the smooth operation of our hotspot, in particular to disproportionately burden our systems.


9. Blocking of access

We may suspend your access to the hotspot at any time, temporarily or permanently, if there are specific indications that you have violated these Terms of Use and / or applicable law, or if we have any other legitimate interest in the suspension.


10. Indemnity

(1) You as the user are responsible for all your actions related to the use of the internet via our hotspot.

(2) The use of WLAN guest access is at your own risk. We assume no liability for damage (viruses, malicious software, hacking) that may result from this.

(3) You shall indemnify us against all claims that third parties may assert against us for breach of law by the user, third party rights (in particular personality, copyright and trademark rights) or contractual obligations, assurances or warranties, including costs the necessary legal defense (lawyer and court costs in the legal amount) at first request freely.

(4) You are obliged to assert claims in the sense of number 10 paragraph 2 to participate promptly and completely in the investigation of facts and to provide us with the necessary information in an appropriate manner.


11. Limitation of Liability

(1) We shall only be liable for intent or gross negligence on our part for all damages caused by us and only in the context of the damage actually caused thereby.

(2) Incidentally, we are only liable if we have violated a material contractual obligation. In the abstract, such duties are defined as essential contractual obligations, the fulfillment of which enables the proper execution of the contract in the first place and on whose compliance the user may regularly rely. In these cases liability is limited to compensation for foreseeable, typically occurring damage.

(3) Insofar as our liability is excluded or limited according to the aforementioned regulations, this also applies to our vicarious agents.

(4) Liability under the Product Liability Act remains unaffected.


12. Final provisions

(1) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies, whereby the validity of the UN sales law is excluded.

(2) If you are a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law, our registered office is the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship.

(3) Should individual provisions of these Terms of Use be or become ineffective, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.