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Our passion for textiles is the engine that drives us every day. PONGS employs around 250 people at the three locations in Westphalian Stadtlohn, in Mühltroff in Saxony and in Düsseldorf. They shape the company daily and have made it the internationally recognized technical textiles manufacturer it stands for today. PONGS consciously produces its textiles in Germany, because highest value and excellent quality “made in Germany” are the measure of all things for us.

Villa Lantz | Sales & Creative Department Lohauser Dorfstraße 51 | Lantz'scher-Park, Germany

Telefon +49 211 54230-800

PONGS Textil GmbH | Head Office Stadtlohn Boschstraße 2, 48703 Stadtlohn | Germany

Telefon +49 2563 405-0

Banhofstraße 21, 07919 Pausa-Mühltroff | Germany

Telefon +49 36645 350-0

PONGS Technical Textiles GmbH | Production Mühltroff

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Stadtlohn | Head Office

The corporate headquarters of PONGS is located since 1967 in the Westphalian Stadtlohn. Beside the administration there are also confectionery, warehousing and logistics. In the spacious showroom, customers can find out more about the product range, especially on decorative textiles.

Dusseldorf | Sales & Creative Department

The Sales and Creative Department has been based in Dusseldorf since 2018. State-of-the-art office and showrooms with individual wall and ceiling design, combined with selected design furniture, and home accessories showcase the possibilities of textile interior design in a unique way.

Mühltroff | Production

Since 1992, the entire textile production has been located in Mühltroff in Saxony with its warping, knitting, weaving and finishing facilities. Under constant quality control PONGS consciously manufactures its fabrics in Germany. Also digital printing, printing laboratory as well as research and development are located here.

Boschstraße 2
48703 Stadtlohn | Germany
Telefon +49 2563 405-0

Villa Lantz
Lohauser Dorfstraße 51 – Lantz’scher Park
40474 Düsseldorf | Germany
Telefon +49 211 54230-800

Bahnhofstraße 21
07919 Pausa-Mühltroff | Germany
Telefon +49 36645 350-0