.05 Shop design I The creation of true highlights

The showroom is like the retailer’s calling card and critical to the success of a business. PONGS® offers aesthetic textile and metal wallpapers, customizable walls and ceilings or classic curtains for an elegant ambience. Flexibility in the choice of materials, a design-oriented claim and the option of personalization through digital printing enable unique shop design. The corporate design of a company is set in scene by means of light boxes and digitally printed textiles. Textile, printing and light element – all from one source.

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Radiant highlight

Our backlighting fabrics are crease-resistant, almost completely free from stress whitening and convince through their excellent light diffusion. Perfect for use in lightboxes with small mounting depths. Individually printable.

Textile accessories

As a design element in the form of room dividers and light curtains, functional as a cabin curtain – we offer a wide variety of aesthetic textiles. Even the individual design of the corporate identity of a customer is easily realizable.

Decorative eye-catcher

Hand-colored metal wallpaper as a decorative eye-catcher in the reception, changing or checkout area. Scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and stain resistant with acrylic lacquer sealant. In addition, many of our textiles are self-adhesive up to 150 cm wide available.

DESCOR® Textiles create atmosphere

Create atmosphere through textile wall and ceiling coverings in the sales room. Through the use of acoustic textiles or individualisation by digital printing. Also as quickly replaceable advertising spaces that enable the integration of functional elements, too.