Research & Development | Towards the future

So much more than just textiles

PONGS® offers holistic solutions beyond the pure textile product. We develop comprehensive ideas alongside leading suppliers of printing machines, to create perfect results. Equally important to us is the strong exchange with researchers, associations and service providers.

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Production | Europes’s role model

With good instinct for growing market needs, PONGS® always looks to the future and offers tailor made products according to the latest standards of technology that compliment changing demands. Thanks to one of the most modern textile productions in Europe, we are not only able to preserve the tried-and-tested, we can also venture down new production paths with our partners.

Innovative | Textile solar cells

Current projects are researching innovative products and processes. Together with the Institute of Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS), the Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems (ENAS), the Saxon Textile Research Institute and other companies, PONGS® develops photovoltaics on textile substrates. In addition to the textile solar cell, research is also being conducted on environmentally friendly inks or novel coatings.

Selection | Projects

    • Phototex (2019): Solar cells on textile substrates

    • BIO Polymer (2017): Anhydrous polymers based on renewable raw materials (eco-crops)

    • BIO Ink (2017): Binderless, biodegradable ink, without solvent

    • Lichtdecke (2011): Maximum luminous efficacy and light output with the most efficient use of energy

    • Novel silicone coating (2011): Novel, flame-retardant silicone coating without toxic, halogen-containing flame retardant