The renaissance of Villa Lantz

The renaissance of Villa Lantz

The Villa Lantz in Lohausen, which has been vacant for almost 10 years, is to become a creative place again and in future to combine Dusseldorf tradition with modern design and contemporary art. In the historic Villa Lantz, a Sales and Creative Department with an exclusive showroom in cooperation with Living Concept Consulting GmbH is being built. The two companies are in the hands of the Dusseldorfer family Lautenbach. 


PONGS® breathes life into the historic building

“We want to put Villa Lantz back in the glory of ancient times. The building will be extensively restored and maintained in close consultation with the city of Dusseldorf and the monument authority. The Villa Lantz should be preserved in its historic flair“, emphasizes Bernd-Peter Lautenbach. The owner and managing director of PONGS® is a native of Dusseldorf; his family has been closely rooted in the city for many generations. Now, another important location for his company is being built in the historic estate in the Lantz’sche Park, in addition to the head office in Stadtlohn and the production facility in Mühltroff. “Dusseldorf offers enormous possibilities. The provincial capital is not only an economic and financial center, but also a creative and fashion city. Thanks to the international airport, the connection is excellent; Dusseldorf is a vibrant hub on the Rhine“, enthuses Lautenbach.

Creative hotspot

As a Sales and Creative Department with an exclusive showroom, PONGS® will bring international clients, renowned architects and designers to Dusseldorf. Textile solutions will be shown in unprecedented dimensions; their applicability and functionality linked with modern design and contemporary art. “At Villa Lantz, we are realizing an exclusive mix for the highest quality of space and object design.

Our Dusseldorf-based company Living Concept Consulting emphasizes the textile ambience with selected interior as well as luxurious furniture and lighting design. PONGS® creates a composition of historic charm and contemporary design in the villa, built in 1806“, says Helena Lautenbach; Chief Marketing Officer at PONGS® and managing director of Living Concept Consulting.


Renaissance for art and culture

The reviving use of the late neoclassical mansion Lantz is not only an important step for the company, but also for the city of Dusseldorf. There should be a lively exchange with the local art and culture scene. Exhibitions are planned in the villa, as well as close collaboration with local museums and art foundations. An additional focus is the promotion of young designers and architects. Thus, the Villa Lantz is restored to its original flair, because the building was creative touched since ever. Built for Heinrich Balthasar Lantz, it looks back on an eventful history, which was always associated with the theme of art. Now, this gleam will soon be revived.

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