Villa Lantz – Showroom

The feeling of flying
This room enchants as soon as you enter it. The stretch walls made of DESCOR® PREMIUM show a delicate, vertical course in light gray. It develops its calming effect especially in combination with the subtly crafted clouds, which, depending on the incidence of light, produce a different result and a different perception. When you look at it, you get the feeling you are flying, calm and relaxation arise.

Take a seat on one of the selected designer seating furniture and let your gaze wander. An oversized, backlit DESCOR® stretching wall made of Artist IncDia shows a unique collage of different elements. Here, fictional picture elements merge with photographs and worldwide street art. As a small, humorous moment, PONGS® employees were incorporated into the scenes.

This large-format wall made of IncDia is backlit with the Cooledge Tunable White Lighting System. It can not only be dimmed from light to dark, but also changes between warm and cold white tones if desired. In this way, the colors come into their own in very different ways, influencing different moods and the appearance of the interior.

360° Tour | An interactive tour of Villa Lantz
Take a look behind the scenes of the historic Villa Lantz and experience the famous historic walls in a new guise. Float on a 3D tour through the breathtaking PONGS® and Living Concept Consulting showroom. Let yourself be inspired by the impressive possibilities of textile wall and ceiling systems. All important product information on technical and decorative textiles from PONGS® as well as direct links to our product finder can be found at the info points.

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