Restaurant Le Driving

Nantes, France
That is the perfection of a white ceiling: 200 m2 DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic. Matt, high-quality finish and an even appearance without cracks or dark shadows. The restaurant Le Driving in Nantes, France, benefits not only from the strong appearance of the DESCOR® stretch ceiling, but also from its acoustic properties. The surround sound is noticeably balanced and loud ambient noises are significantly reduced.

This creates a more pleasant, cozy atmosphere that invites guests to linger. Le Driving is not only enthusiastic about functionality and optics, but is particularly impressed by the uncomplicated installation of the DESCOR® ceiling system. DESCOR® textiles are installed at room temperature within a very short time - without dirt and dust, without annoying downtimes at the location. And lights, spots, air conditioning and loudspeakers are also perfectly integrated into the DESCOR® system. The perfect white ceiling. See for yourself!

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