Opera shop | Deutsche Oper am Rhein

Düsseldorf, Germany
Due to the Corona virus, the Deutsche Oper am Rhein will initially suspend performance until the end of May and the opera shop in Düsseldorf will remain closed until further notice. But no sign of standstill! It is progressing: Work in the opera shop, which had to be closed in the summer of 2019 as a result of a water pipe break and undergone a core renovation, is in full swing. The opera shop shines in a new, modern look and gets ready for its big appearance at the reopening.

The innovative textile stretch walls from the DESCOR® system from PONGS® are ideal for this project. A special eye catcher is the illuminated wall behind the sales counter. The product Softimage Lightbox by PONGS® was installed here. A high quality textile that makes backlit displays and walls shine. The more than 8 meter long, slightly curved light wall with opera hall motif is staged seamlessly. This is also ensured by the full-surface, dimmable LEDs.

Two other walls in the Düsseldorf opera shop were covered with DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic by PONGS®. With its advanced, sound-absorbing properties, this textile ensures a balanced sound experience in the room. DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic is not only a treat for the ears, but also a real feast for the eyes: smooth, seamless surfaces with an elegant color gradient and printed lettering over a length of more than 5 meters. As here in the opera shop, all textiles in the DESCOR® system can be individually digitally printed and let your imagination run wild. TVs, sockets, ventilation or lighting elements can also be discreetly recessed and installed in the DESCOR® system.

Photos: © Daniel Senzek

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Project management / Architects

PONGS® / petersmann architektur * innenarchitektur

Implementation / Processing


Products / Objects

DESCOR® Premium Acoustic and acoustic fleece on two walls (approx. 6m x 3.6m) with a total structure of approx. 5 cm. A light box (approx. 8m x 3.6m) was installed on a curved wall in the middle of the room. Both the lighting technology and the textile and the interior fittings were supplied by PONGS® in order to guarantee an ideal interaction between lighting technology and textile. PrintTex® Softimage Lightbox was used as the textile. On the print you can see the inside of the opera hall in its own abstraction.

Tensioned sqm

Acoustic walls with DESCOR® Premium Acoustic: approx. 45 square meters
Illuminated wall: approx. 29 square meters