Villa Lantz – Library

Historical flair
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In this room, the time is turning back: During the restoration of the old library of the Villa Lantz, few remains of the original wall painting were found. These were carefully uncovered so that the entire pattern of the room could be worked out from them. This was then printed on Illuminati by PONGS®. Thanks to the elegant satin look, the library shines again in its old glory.

The playful hanging lamp and the high shelves with their many books and catalogs awaken a historical flair.

Digital print design by Mia Hamma

360° Tour | An interactive tour of Villa Lant
Take a look behind the scenes of the historic Villa Lantz and experience the famous historic walls in a new guise. Float on a 3D tour through the breathtaking PONGS® and Living Concept Consulting showroom. Let yourself be inspired by the impressive possibilities of textile wall and ceiling systems. All important product information on technical and decorative textiles from PONGS® as well as direct links to our product finder can be found at the info points.

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DESCOR® stretch walls and ceiling by PONGS® from Illuminati
Digital print design by Mia Hamma