Hideaway Hotel

Tübingen, Germany
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The DESCOR® system from PONGS® for textile tension walls and ceilings offers some clever solutions for restaurants and bars. Textiles with acoustic properties can optimize loud background noise. Even with a high number of guests, ambient noise is effectively absorbed and the entire room sound is noticeably balanced. In this restaurant of the Hideaway Hotel in Tübingen, DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic is used with individual digital printing. The acoustic stretching wall flatters not only the ears, but also the eyes. A thematically appropriate motif by top photographer Teddy Marks was selected and printed in large format in high resolution.

If the renovation often means a lot of effort and days of downtime, DESCOR® stretch walls and ceilings can be laid quickly and cleanly within a single day. Neither the complete clearing of the localities nor high temperatures are necessary during installation. The ideal solution for gastronomy and the hotel industry.

Photos: Hideaway Hotel Tübingen
Client / year of construction: Hideaway Hotel / 2015

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DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic with digital printing

Tensioned sqm

7,5 sqm