“La Grande Odalisque” bathroom

Oslo, Norway
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La Grande Odalisque is an oil painting by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres from 1814 depicting an odalisque or concubine. As a large-format textile wall covering, this Oslo bathroom impressively attracts everyone's attention and gives the room a calm, sublime atmosphere. In order to be able to reproduce this unique painting in the highest quality, a very special, versatile, high-quality textile was chosen for this project: DirectTex® Softimage Contrast from PONGS®. This textile has a black coated back and a white top side. It is therefore ideally suited for front lighting and makes such a work of art shine even more. In the art print, Softimage Contrast brings old paintings and historical motifs back to the glory of old times. Even elaborate, detailed wall paintings or decorations with stucco can be reproduced and printed true to the original. With its elegant, seamless finish, this textile gives every project a high-quality result.

Photos: private
Client / year of construction: private / 2016

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PONGS® Group

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DirectTex® Softimage Contrast

Tensioned sqm

approx. 25,45 sqm