Grande Étoile

Düsseldorf, Germany
Grande Étoile is an upscale, elegant restaurant in downtown Düsseldorf between the Rhine and Königsallee.
The so-called „second residence of Mr. Gatsby“ serves sophisticated European cuisine in the style of the golden 20s. With séparées and a noble salon atmosphere, the Grande Étoile D’OW offers the perfect ambience for a lunch or a stylish evening.

Our DESCOR® Translucent makes the wall behind the bar, the centerpiece in the Grand Étoile, shine. The textile’s excellent light diffusion makes it ideal for textile wall and ceiling systems with backlightning. It distributes light evenly throughout the room and, depending on the light source, delivers infinitely dimmable results form radiantly bright to subdued. Individueally printed, backlit walls and ceilings are an incomparably impressive solution. Both for private living spaces and in public facilities, hotels and the hospitality industry. DESCOR® Translucent is available in widths up to 505 cm.
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