White walls never looked better…

Brunstatt, France
... than the walls in this living area of ​​a private house in Brunstatt, France. Walls and ceilings in pure, radiant white with an incomparably matte, even finish. And yet we are not only talking about simple white walls and ceilings, because this living room was covered with the textile DESCOR® system and equipped with many refined details. Textile DESCOR® stretch walls and ceilings put conventional wallpapers and wall coverings in the shade with their smart properties and the endless possibilities in room design.

In this living area, high-quality indirect ceiling lighting was integrated into the DESCOR® system. This can be dimmed in its white tone and provides atmospheric and pleasant light in the entire room. At the same time, the sound-absorbing DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic optimizes the room sound on walls and ceilings. Aesthetics and functionality in harmony - with the DESCOR® system from PONGS®.

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DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic with digital print