David Lynch – Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival

Lisbon, Portugal
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A remarkable eye-catcher: A remarkable eye-catcher: David Lynch’s oversized portrait attracts everyone’s attention at the Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival. For a flawless backlighting and color intensity, Artist Mambo® by PONGS® was chosen.

The Lisbon and Sintra Film Festival showed the program “Waiting for Mr. Lynch” last year; Part of this series was the exhibition “Psychogenic Fugue” with eight new photographs by the American Sandro Miller. Visitors are greeted by a specially redesigned portrait of David Lynch, created in collaboration of Sandro Miller with the La Chrome studio. This 300 cm by 300 cm portrait was printed on PONGS® textile Artist Mambo® – a top quality product for backlighting applications and for use in flat LED frames. Backlit with MEEVO Power LEDs, it attracts everyone’s attention in the foyer of the exhibition.

Photo: Lisbon & Sintra Film Festival

Photographer: Sandro Miller

Produced by: LaChrome

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DirectTex® Artist Mambo®

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