Cinema room: Movie fun for eyes and ears

Sonneberg, Germany
In order for the cinema visit to be a perfect, holistic experience, it is not just an extraordinary picture experience that is important, but also the optimal acoustics in the cinema hall. Textile stretch walls from PONGS® absorb and effectively balance the surround sound. With their functional properties, they outshine conventional wallpapers and wall coverings. These textile stretch walls and ceilings are assembled with the DESCOR® system from PONGS®. It is the innovative concept for textile interiors and for completely new possibilities in wall and ceiling design. The DESCOR® system can be installed cleanly and without downtime, is characterized by a seamless, aesthetic result and a smooth surface. Different PONGS® products are used, which are tailored to each room and individual requirements.

In the cinema at Sonneberg, our partner, P&L Ausbau GmbH, installed high-quality DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic in elegant black. This first-class product from PONGS® offers double comfort: it is not only certified for its acoustic properties (sound absorption value 0.90 / class A, DIN EN ISO 354 structure type E-50), but also flame-retardant (DIN B-s1 , d0 DIN EN 13501-1, ASTM E 84-16).

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