A heart for acoustics

Mulhouse, France
In this showroom for bridal fashion in Mulhouse, France, the heart literally beats not only for elegant robes, but also for pleasant room acoustics. The sound-absorbing DESCOR® wall and ceiling system effectively balances the room sound and ensures a calm, relaxed and very pleasant atmosphere. Not only the functional properties of the textile DESCOR® Acoustic stretching walls and ceilings raise the bridal fashion showroom to the next level, but also the individual, impressive design of the artist and photographs Sandrine Ziegler Munck.

This shows an oversized picture of corals, which is overlaid by an anatomical drawing of the heart - dreamy, reserved and yet so expressive and present. This DESCOR® wall and ceiling system is not only functional, but also optically tailored and gives the showroom a very unique flair. The local customers are certain to have an unforgettable shopping experience.

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Arketex, Sandrine Ziegler Munck

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DESCOR® Acoustic with digital print