Auditorium at the Jean-Baptiste Lully Conservatory

Puteaux, France
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The large auditorium in the Jean-Baptiste Lully Conservatory in Puteaux, France, impresses not only with its design, but also with its functional properties. In order to effectively improve the room sound, the hall was equipped with a total of 264 m2 of the sound-absorbing DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic Black textile. This is a luxurious, high quality product from PONGS® for textile wall and ceiling covering. With a certified acoustic absorption level of 0.9, DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic achieved the absolute top grade. This is hardly achieved by any other acoustic product on the market. Such a value is especially important in a conservatory like the Jean-Baptiste Lully. With DESCOR® you will discover tranquility in its most beautiful form and experience complete comfort. Acoustic properties are becoming increasingly important in modern, innovative room design. Today, contemporary design should touch all of our senses. That is the beauty of silence.

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DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic Black

Tensioned sqm

264 sqm