PONGS® | Cooperation with Filmolux Group

Cooperation of PONGS with Filmolux Group 

Redefined now

It is a change of course that brings with it many advantages and above all many more opportunities: As already announced at the Fespa 2018, the Filmolux Group is expanding its portfolio of printable textiles with the PONGS® brand and thus no longer selling the premium products under own label. “Our customers and partners now always recognize who the producer is,” says Nils A. Honscha. “From now on, all PONGS® digital printing products are available throughout the entire Filmolux Group throughout Europe!”. This is a sign of the entire market and symbolizes the trusting relationship between PONGS® and the Filmolux Group. The company’s Filmolux Group Manager welcomes this open communication with the product names of PONGS® because they not only stand for quality products from Germany, but also for technical support and excellent service.

Find and use synergies

The future closer cooperation between PONGS® and the Filmolux Group combines valuable synergies. The knowledge and skills of the renowned production company are combined with a strong sales team and offer the customer the decisive advantage of the highest product quality with the best deliverability and service. “The two companies will also benefit in the interior sector. Here, PONGS® is already in a strong position “, emphasizes Bernd-Peter Lautenbach, owner and managing director of PONGS®. The DESCOR® system is an innovative concept for textile wall and ceiling coverings. With PRINTERIEUR®, PONGS® launches digitally printed interiors. Two modern alternatives to conventional room design. The Filmolux Group is also very interested in such strategies. Here, in perspective, a new concept and an orientation of the company should be put into action. With PONGS® as a strategic and strong partner at the side, the Filmolux Group will redefine their mutual success.

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