Plastics-Ukraine I Cubes made of Artist Mambo

Plastics-Ukraine | Cubes made of Artist Mambo®

For the company anniversary of Plastics-Ukraine, printed cubes were installed as light objects. Artist Mambo® by PONGS® was used, a top product for backlighting.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Ukrainian company Plastics-Ukraine, various art objects were exhibited on the so-called “Art Avenue”. With very different illustrations and installations, the values of Plastics-Ukraine should be worked out: quality, developmental spirit, efficiency, sincerity and a balanced way of life. The five backlit cubes depict these values. For this, Artist Mambo® was used, a top product of PONGS®, specially developed for backlighting. Therefore, this textile is ideal for exhibition stand construction and use in flat LED frames. Printed using the UV printing process and mounted on aluminum profiles, impressive cubes with a fascinating play of colors were created.

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