PONGS® | With passion and confidence

PONGS® is a world leader in manufacturing technical and decorative textiles. With expertise accumulated over 100 years, today the company is the first port of call for textile solutions for interior design, visual merchandising, trade fair construction, stage and theatre and digital printing.

With warping, weaving and knitting along with finishing, graphics, digital printing and material manufacture, we have all stages of production covered from start to finish. That makes us flexible. And allows us control over the standard of quality across all process levels at any time.

Products | Innovative, integrated, ecological

Expertise, creativity and a pioneering innovative edge have made us a leading international company for textile products. A second-generation owner-led company, we connect successful traditional handicrafts with high-tech while paying attention to ecological balance.

We supply our products to various interconnected market segments that complement each other perfectly. As a result, we, but particularly our customers, benefit from knowledge sharing and synergies relating to quality, flexibility, delivery times and costs.

Our passion for the product and close relationship with the customer ensures the success of our consultancy service. Know-how, innovative strength and technical equipment enable the targeted development of products and holistic solutions for specific applications. This gives us a unique position within the market.

From the thread to the finished product: PONGS® provides a complete textile concept.

Made in Germany.