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Modern object design by PONGS® unites aesthetics and valuable functions. The hotel, catering and public utilities are more than ever demanding new approaches and solutions for clever interiors. Innovative and holistic concepts from a single source are in demand. Textiles from PONGS® are not only suitable for covering walls, ceilings and panels, but also as robust cover fabrics for furniture, room dividers or objects. Digitally printable and equipped with various smart features, they transform rooms and entire objects into a unified, impressive overall concept.

Facts | Information

Pleasantly calm


Especially in places where many people are, such as in restaurants or hotels, sound-absorbing textiles are more in demand for interior design than ever before. Only optimal room acoustics make perceptible comfort perfect.

Clean assembly


Renovate within a single day. Textile DESCOR® stretch walls and ceilings are installed easily, quickly and dirt-free, even on uneven surfaces. Neither the wearing of protective clothing nor high ambient temperatures are required.

Highest quality level

Square meters sold

The possibilities and installation of the DESCOR® are regularly trained by experienced craftsmen in the PONGS® training center. This ensures a globally high quality level of our projects.

Wallart | Everything else is wallpaper!

Hand-coloured metal wallpapers are the epitome of luxury. We are one of only a few manufacturers worldwide. We also produce individually printable textile wallpapers. Also with acoustic properties.