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Unequaled: the art of furnishing. Under the PONGS® Design brand, we produce extravagant interior accessories with that certain something, even according to individual specifications. The stylish interior of PONGS® meets aesthetic design and sophisticated features. Extravagance and functionality unite; our design objects are an exciting eye-catcher and at the same time create a balance in the surround sound. Because sound-absorbing textiles noticeably improve the room acoustics and give a comfortable feeling.

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The leaf-shaped design elements Soundleaves also ensure peace and a pleasant atmosphere. Flexible to use, they can noticeably absorb noise. Developed by Incatro Room Acoustics (NL), awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award, with digitally printed AKUSTICO® or SILENCIO®, they are exclusively available from PONGS®. A tribute to the beauty of nature.

Seating furniture

Taking a seat becomes a new feeling: with the ergonomically curved Easy Chair Helena and the two-seater Lounge Chair. At first glance, the distinctive look and clear lines dominate, and then the sound-absorbing properties of the upholstery fabrics AKUSTICO® and SILENCIO® are convincing.


Simply make the most out of your room with the clever system for sliding doors from Raumplus and the matching effective cover textiles from PONGS®. Modern rooms demand multifunctional, individual solutions. We develop cupboard and storage concepts as well as room dividers for apartments, hotels or offices with that certain something. Fillings with acoustic textiles such as SILENCIO® and AKUSTICO® by PONGS® transform innovative door systems into aesthetic sound absorption surfaces, can be used in the working environment as storage space solution, as room-in-room or for the dynamic division of office space.

Fandango by Kenneth Cobonpue

This light object surrounds a unique aura, combining dynamism and power. For this, layers of SUPERIOR are draped in such a way that a fine light scattering results. The textile by PONGS® is specially designed for curtains and draperies in the field of event, show and decoration. It is perfect for covering voluminous objects, especially backlit objects.


More than just a luminaire: the interplay of shaping, color and lighting creates a highly emotional lighting object. For the unique design of Avalon®, the fabric Shape®, which is interwoven with metal threads, is formed by hand. Thus each lamp is unique.