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By registration as user of the website you accept the provisions listed in the General Business Terms for using the website (hereinafter called GBT).
Contractual partner is PONGS GROUP GmbH & CO. KG (hereinafter called PONGS), Lohauser Dorfstraße 51 – Lantz’scher Park, 40474 Düsseldorf/ Westphalia, Phone +49 211 54230-800. Please address any inquiries to the mentioned company.
These GBT apply to the entire contents and functions of this website, including all associated sub domains and alias (hereinafter called www.pongs.comm website).

The provisions contained in these General Business Terms, especially including the provisions regarding data protection and data storage, apply also to the use or partial use of other websites allowing full or partial access to the website. The General Terms and Conditions that is valid on the date of the application of membership shall be applicable. 

The offer is addressed to people, who are using the website exclusively in the exercise of their commercial or independent or professional activity (as an employee). 

1. Subject and service content

1.1 PONGS offers a freely accessible, free platform with information on products, services and companies of the PONGS Group. 

1.2 Any use beyond the scope of the website is prohibited without the prior consent of PONGS.

1.3 Any use that violates this GBT and / or legal requirements is not permitted. PONGS expressly reserves the right to exclude such use of the website without prior notice. 

1.4 PONGS reserves the right to change, expand, restrict or discontinue the content, structure and scope of the platforms at any time. It explicitly states that 100% availability is technically not possible and that restrictions may therefore arise. PONGS reserves the right to temporarily suspend or restrict services for maintenance, security or capacity reasons.

1.5 PONGS has the right at any time to block users for an important reason, to limit them or to make use of certain conditions. Such an important cause exists in particular if a user violates applicable law or this BGT or if PONGS has a legitimate interest in the blocking, such as: For example, in cases where the user has misrepresented or maintained data in the data, violated the rights of third parties or abused PONGS’ services. Authorized interests of the user are taken into account in connection with a blocking. 

1.6 In connection with the communication of the users among each other and any resulting business transactions, it is expressly clarified that PONGS is not directly involved in these transactions and in no case becomes a contractual partner. The fulfillment of closed contracts between users takes place exclusively between the users themselves. PONGS provides only a platform to bring users together and provides only the technical device that generally allows for contact. Consequently, PONGS shall not be liable if no contact is made within the contract period, any contacts that have been made are disrupted or otherwise disturbed. The same applies accordingly in cases of closed contracts between users. 

1.7 PONGS points out that authentication of Internet users is not completely verifiable. Therefore, PONGS in no way guarantees that every user is really the one or the person who claims to be the person, unless for PONGS an abuse was obvious. Each user may have to convince himself the identity of the other user. 

2. Obligations of users 

2.1 Users are obliged 

2.1.1 to exercise the diligence of a proper businessman among each other;

2.1.2 to use obtained information in the form of inquiries, tenders, offers or data obtained solely for the purpose of conducting own business or own purposes; in particular, further exploitation, further processing, the granting of access or a transfer is not permitted. 

2.1.3 The use of mechanisms, software or other scripts in connection with the use of the website website, as well as blocking, overwriting, modifying, copying (This applies explicitly and in particular also for copying by means of „Robot / Crawler“ search engine technologies or other automated mechanisms) or distribution of generated content is strictly prohibited to the user. The user has to avoid an unreasonable or excessive load of the website

3. Liability

3.1 PONGS does not assume any warranty or liability for the contents entered. PONGS is not liable for the breach of duty of one user against another user due to these closed contracts or other legal reasonst. 

3.2 Except in cases of intent, PONGS will in no case be liable for lost profits, loss of interest, loss of contracts with third parties, loss of production, loss of use, replacement of any kind and for indirect or consequential damages. Liability for the loss of recorded data is limited to such damage that would have occurred in the case of a proper, regular data backup. For the rest, PONGS is liable as follows:

I. For minor breaches of duty any liability of PONGS is excluded. 

II. Otherwise, in cases of negligent breach of duty, PONGS shall be liable exclusively for compensation for the contractually typical, foreseeable damage. 

III. In cases of gross negligence or the event of a breach of essential cardinal obligations, PONGS is liable for the reimbursement of the entire damage incurred. 

3.3 PONGS is liable for injury to life, limb or health in the event of culpable conduct in accordance with the statutory provisions. 

4. Indemnity

The user indemnifies PONGS against all claims asserted by other users or third parties regarding the behavior of the user against PONGS for infringement of their rights, including the costs of the necessary legal defense, court and legal fees. 

5. Final provisions

5.1 Verbal collateral agreements do not exist. 

5.2 PONGS reserves the right to change this website terms and conditions at any time and without giving reasons.

5.3 PONGS is entitled to transfer all or part of the rights and obligations under this contract to a third party within 4 weeks after notification by e-mail. In this case the user is entitled to terminate the license agreement after notification of the transfer by e-mail to support. The user is not permitted to transfer the rights and obligations unter this contract without the prior written consent of PONGS. 

5.4 All declarations, which are transmitted pursuant to this contract, must preferably be made in writing or via e-mail. 

The e-mail-address is:

Entries per post are to be addressed to:

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5.5 Legal venue

Should the conditions precedent for an agreement on the place of venue according to section 38 of the Code of Civil Procedure be present, then the competent local and substantive court for the seller is agreed as responsible. This also applies for actions of bills of exchange and checks. 

6. Brands

These designations are registered trademarks of PONGS Group:



Flexible and lightweight acoustic fabric with sound absorption class A.


Three-dimensional acoustic fabric, not only absorbing sound waves, but breaking them.


System for the textile covering of walls and ceilings.


Weatherproof fabric for outdoor and indoor sun protection. 


Digital print media specially designed for water based sublimation inks (direct and transfer print) 


Digital print media specially designed for solvent based inks


Digital print media specially designed for UV drying inks


Digital print media specially designed for solvent based, UV drying and latex inks

Comfort Zipfel®

PONGS® Design cushion with a specific shape

Roll & Shine®

Tablecloth with decorative table runner, can be rolled out easily with just one wave of a hand.


Highly emotional light object. Avalon, Shape, a fabric interwoven with metal threads, is sculpted by hand.

Artist Light®

Flame retardant digital print medium. Versatilely applicable for exhibitions, display systems, art printing or for backlighting applications.

Artist Heavy®

Flame retardant digital print medium with an extra heavy quality. This backlit fabric is universally applicable for stage, show and events as well as for visual merchandising.

Artist Mambo®

Flame retardant digital print medium made of one side coated polyester fabric. Top-quality product for backlighting. Perfect for trade fair construction and for the use in flat LED frames.


Permanently flame retardant textile interwoven with metal threads, made of 50% polyester and 50% stainless steel. Reversibly shapeable by hand and therefore perfectly suited for drapes and surfaces with an artistic approach.


With PRINTERIEUR®, PONGS® launches digitally printed interiors

Softimage 240®

Flame retardant digital print medium with an excellent quality. Universally applicable for displays and banners.

Softimage Creaseless®

Flame retardant digital print medium. Crease resistant and therefore ideally suited for various banner and display applications. Certified for HP latex inks.

Softimage Creaseless Premium®

Flame retardant digital print medium for sophisticated and highest requirements. Densely knitted with 70% opacity. Slight elasticity, crease resistant. Perfectly usable for banner and display applications.

Softimage Elastico®

Flame retardant digital print material. Very elastic, crease resistant. Universally applicable for displays, acoustic applications or sculptural arrangements.

Softimage Contrast®

Flame retardant digital print material. Black coated backing, white front. Universally applicable, perfect for front projections.