Imagine I Concept Party

Imagine I The Concept Party in London

Visual communication likes to break new ground, everything seems to be possible.

Bold installations resemble modern works of art, viewers experience surprising moments. That is what the opening event “Imagine. The Concept Party“ was about. During a relaxed get-together in September in London, the audience was invited to the planned Imagine Event from 18.-19. September 2019. Visual communication and design companies exhibited their projects and showed their latest installations. Including CMYUK: The specialist for digital printing technologies and materials presented digitally printed pieces of furniture by PONGS®. Not only the Lounge Chair with matching stools, but also the Soundleaves® delighted visitors and industry experts. Elements for the smart interior design of today, because with the sound-absorbing textile SILENCIO®, the elements not only balance the surround sound, but also combining aesthetics with functionality in a unique way.

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