HP | Durable Textiles for HP Latex Technology

Durable Textiles for HP Latex Technology

PONGS® textiles SILENCIO® 2.5 and Blackout I have been certified as durable for HP Latex technology. By now a total of seven digital print medias from PONGS® have been certified to be well compatible for printing with HP Latex printers.

What do PTX Artist Mambo®, PTX Softimage 240®, SILENCIO® 5, SILENCIO® 10 and Spinnaker Economy have in common? Their innovative properties make them ideal for HP Latex printers and have been certified as “Durable” for HP Latex technology. SILENCIO® 2.5 and Blackout I have also been certified as “Durable Textiles”. These textile digital print medias were tested for their dry and wet rubbing fastness, scratch resistance and foldability. In addition, they were checked for crack resistance and overall image quality among other properties. Due to these textiles meeting the high standards in the certification process, they are now certified as “Durable Textiles for HP Latex technology”.

“Say Yes”

During this year’s SGIA Expo in Las Vegas, HP showcased PrintTex Artist Mambo® by PONGS® (see photo) on a huge lightbox on its Yesville part of the booth.

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