Restaurant L’ARC

The L’Arc Paris with its restaurant, bar and night club has blossomed into a pulsating, sought-after hotspot of Parisian nightlife. Everyone who wants to spend a stylish night in Paris will get their money’s worth here. The L’Arc focuses not only on upscale all-round service, but also on progressive, modern interiors and the historical location where it is located. L’Arc Paris is right across from the famous Arc de Triomph, the monument this house is named after. As they eat the culinary creations of head chef Antony Germani, guests have a clear view of this important piece of the architectural history of Paris. Not only the food and the view are particularly pleasant, but also the sound in the L’Arc, because the ceilings of the restaurant are equipped with DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic. A total of around 220 square meters of the highly functional textile extend over the heads of the guests. Individually digitally printed and equipped with excellent acoustic properties. Loud background noises from the lively crowds are absorbed and the entire room sound is balanced. Experience these completely new atmospheres thanks to textile architecture for restaurants and hotels.

If the renovation often means a lot of effort and days of downtime, DESCOR® stretch ceilings and walls can be laid quickly and cleanly within one day. Neither the complete clearing of the localities nor high temperatures during installation are necessary.


Paris, France



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DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic with digital print

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