Private apartment “The Wanderer”

The Wanderer Above the Sea of ​​Fog is a painting by Caspar David Friedrich from around 1818 and at the same time the painter’s most famous figure from the back. In the original, the unsigned picture in oil on canvas has the dimensions 94.8 x 74.8 cm. Printed in large format, we put it on a textile stretching wall with the dimensions 5.20 x 4.55 m (approx. 23.7 m2). The motif does not lose any of its quality, because all textiles used in the DESCOR® system are designed in such a way that they can depict complex motifs with a high level of detail. So there are no limits to creativity. Whether in restaurants, hotels or in your own four walls – as this project shows. The perfect stage for realizing yourself, making a statement and expressing your visions are the smooth, seamless DESCOR® textiles. Incidentally, the hiker above the sea of ​​fog was printed on DESCOR® PREMIUM, a luxurious, high-quality product for textile wall and ceiling coverings. All PONGS® products for textile architecture can also be used in private rooms without hesitation, because our textiles are guaranteed “Made in Germany” and meet all relevant hygiene and safety standards.

Photos: private
Client / year of construction: private / 2018


Linz, Austria



Project management / architects:

PONGS® Group & LIVING CONCEPT Consulting GmbH



Products / Objects:

DESCOR® PREMIUM with digital print

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