Marie Charlotte Elementary School

Perfect acoustics for Joliette. Textile ceiling DESCOR® with beautiful prints in the course of the seasons adds a splash of colour to a Canadian elementary school. Plus: it improves the quality of acoustics.

DESCOR® for a splash of colour and perfect acoustics in Canadian elementary school Digitally printed elements from DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic now decorate the ceiling of a large multipurpose hall in Marie Charlotte Elementary School in Joliette, Canada. The four images representing the course of the seasons create an illusion of the sky.

Employing 120 square metres of DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic in the multipurpose hall which is used for theatre functions or sports, architect in charge Emmanuelle Klimpt succeeded in improving acoustics considerably.

The design concept implied only a minor modification of the 50 year old architecture. Therefore DESCOR® has been incorporated in the existing circular stucco ornaments. A challenge for craftsmanship.

A project by Canadian architects Arcand – Laport – Klimpt in cooperation with our MBI Products Company, Inc. (Ohio, USA).

Photos: Stéphane Brügger


Joliette, Québec, Kanada



Project management / architects:

MBI Products Company, Inc. / Emannuelle Klumpt von Arcand – Laport – Klimpt


MBI Products Company, Inc. / Emannuelle Klumpt von Arcand – Laport – Klimpt

Products / Objects:

DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic mit Digitaldruck

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