Innovative administration building for the textile association

Thinking out of the box: The textile topic runs like a red thread not only through the entire interior of the new administration building of the Verband der Norddeutschen Textil- und Bekleidungsindustrie e.V. but is visible on the outside as well. Like a cloth custom-fitted bricks are covering the facade, a sophisticated composition by behet bondzio lin architects from Münster. PONGS® – amongst other supporting companies – played part in furnishing with two textile elements for an innovative interior design. First, luminous textiles at the ceiling create a uniform light distribution, adding a modern look and feel. This illuminated ceiling helps improving meeting and working conditions and it balances room acoustics. Second, there’s a textile wall covering by PONGS® in the break room. For a better relaxing quality and a perceptibly better atmosphere.

Foto:The printed stretch wall in the recreation lounge (copyright: Reimund Braun).


Münster, Germany



Project management / architects:

PONGS® / behet bondzio lin architekten


Living Concept Consulting

Products / Objects:

DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic with digital print

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