Eugenio Recuenco – Exhibition: 365°

The photographer Eugenio Recuenco worked for one year on his project “365 °”. The spectacular exhibition can be seen until the end of March in the CEART (Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente de Fuenlabrada). All photographs were printed on PrintTex® Artist Mambo®.

Born in Madrid, Eugenio Recuenco, one of the world’s best fashion photographers, is celebrating his fiftieth birthday with a very special exhibition in Madrid (Fuenlabrada). Here he presents the best of his career under the name “365 °”: a photographic journey into contemporary history.

Although each photo stands alone and is interesting for itself, there is certainly something that makes this special project: the total dimension of the work is impressively magnificent. 366 pictures, 8 years of work, 120 models, a team of 300 employees and the vision of a unique photographer, Eugenio Recuenco. All this to create one of the most spectacular exhibitions in Spain.

The work is based on independent light boxes that seamlessly backlight the photographs. On the front, these light boxes were covered with printed PrintTex® Artist Mambo®. This top PONGS® backlight product is ideally suited for use in flat LED frames. The light boxes were covered on the back with DirectTex® Softimage Contrast® from PONGS®. The frames of the photographs are interconnected to expand and capture the different areas in which they are exposed. The works are thus interconnected and are not subject to external exposure.

A review of contemporary history from the history of art to social networks. Photographs that play with space to deceive the senses, to arouse strong emotions and to encourage the viewer to form an opinion. In the analysis of reality, today’s society is placed in front of a mirror. Prior to Recuenco, no photographer dared to tell our contemporaneity with an excellent work of creativity, scenography, and photography that borders on madness and delves into genius.

In each of the pictures, the story is as important as the place where it appears. A box, almost four meters high, more than two and a half feet wide and deep with a tiny window through which the stimuli come in from outside.

PONGS® and MEEVO have been selected by CLOROFILA DIGITAL as technological partners in this impressive project. They collaborated on the definition of textiles and the procurement of perfect components such as profiles and lighting technology. CLOROFILA DIGITAL chose PrintTex® Artist Mambo® from PONGS® as a backlighting textile, printed using the latest generation latex technology. MEEVO Power LED was used for the perfect backlighting, MATRIX Profile 100 Lightbox for the frame system. The combination of excellent printing and perfect installation make the exhibition a spectacular result. It was even so successful that it was extended to the end of March in Madrid and it’s planned to move later to Berlin and New York.


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DirectTex® Artist Mambo®

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