Dining room

The sound-absorbing wall and ceiling systems made of high-quality DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic are particularly suitable in places and in rooms where many people come together and the noise level is above the average level. This innovative technical textile effectively balances the room sound and noticeably optimizes the acoustics of a room – whether at home, in the office, in a restaurant or in public buildings. The possible uses of DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic are almost endless, but the functional effect is always the same.

In this dining area of ​​a private house in Mulhouse, France, DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic was individually digitally printed and installed above the dining table. The result: the textile stretch ceiling not only enhances the living space visually with its seamless, even finish and elegant, timeless design. The DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic ceiling is also noticeable in terms of functionality thanks to the pleasantly calm atmosphere with no annoying reverberation. Experience it for yourself – the beauty of silence. With sound-absorbing wall and ceiling systems from PONGS®.


Mulhouse, France



Project management / architects:

Arketex & PONGS®



Products / Objects:

DESCOR® PREMIUM Acoustic with digital print

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