4. September 2023

From now on new in our product range!

For a better future.
We protect what we love.

Our ecosystem is stressed by massive plastic pollution. We at PONGS® take action. For our sound-absorbing products AKUSTICO® and now SILENCIO®, we are now optionally using the recycled polyester yarn Newlife™ which is spun from 100% post-consumer bottles and produced exclusively in Northern Italy.

SILENCIO® NewLife FR is a new generation acoustic fabric that not only absorbs sound waves but also breaks them. Simply put, this means you will enjoy a more comfortable atmosphere thanks to SILENCIO® NewLife FR. The three-dimensional woven appearance positively influences sound perception and creates the ideal acoustics for private living spaces, offices as well as stages, and event spaces. The permanently flame retardant, sound-absorbing textile with the unique three-dimensional woven structure is made of 100% Trevira CS.

Available in 3 sizes:

SILENCIO® NewLife FR Size 2.5 (on request)
SILENCIO® NewLife FR Size 5 (on request)
SILENCIO® NewLife FR Size 10