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Visual enthusiasm thanks to brilliant prints. PONGS® achieves the highest level of color and detail with dispersion, latex and UV inks. And with widths up to 505 cm, almost endless lengths and for all applications. We develop solution-oriented display systems, backlighting elements, banners or pop-ups from the conception to the finished product. PONGS® uses only the most innovative printing presses and ink technology in digital printing. This way, we can ensure that our customers always receive state-of-the-art and tested products from us. For optimum print results on our materials, we offer our ICC profiles for constant color management and excellent color reproduction for download.

The power of visual excitement through brilliant printings, PONGS® reaches the highest colour fidelity and sharpness of detail with dispersion, latex and UV inks. All in widths up to 505 cm and in nearly endless lengths, our textiles are perfect for all kinds of activities including display systems, backlit elements, banners or pop-ups. The innovative, three-dimensional SILENCIO® can even be printed on both sides. ©Hollanders Printing Systems: www.hollanders-ps.nl

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Think holistically

We do not do half measures, but deliver banners, dice, ceiling cylinders, roll-ups, pop-ups or displays with integrated video function for the point of sale, flags or fence and scaffolding cladding.

Nicer than the original

Exclusive textiles for art reproduction. Fine Art Canvas Heavy or Chagall bring the art print to its best advantage. On request also stretched on stretcher.

Your creativity

We support you in implementing your own ideas. From photography to reproduction to image editing. We work together with well-known artists and photographers.