DESCOR® Tools – for a Clean and Seamless Result

DESCOR® Tool case

Our trained DESCOR® partners love our ready packed tool case.
It contains all important tools installers needs for a perfect, clean and seamless result with the DESCOR® system.

We will give you a tool case after a passed DESCOR® training. For sure you need more than one bag in your team or maybe tools can get lost. You can order everything at our sales team at any time.

The tool case contains:

    • 1 ergonomic mountain spatula
    • 1 curved and 1 flat spatula for cornering
    • 1 surface spatula
    • 1 squatty PVC profile shear
    • 1 chalk line
    • 1 bricklayer cord
    • 1 hot air gun
    • 1 measuring tape
    • 1 shear
    • 2 pencils
    • 1 bag

Do you have any more questions? Do you want to order something?
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team.
Just send us a mail:
Or call us: +49 36645 350-0

You can also have a look at our productfinder or at the DESCOR® projects we realized around the world.

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