Antibac by PONGS®

Health has always been our greatest asset. In view of the current situation, it is increasingly becoming the focus of attention. But not only during the acute COVID-19 crisis, your health and basic hygienic protection are important to us in the medium and long term.

Our antibacterial products cannot protect you against viruses like the corona virus, but they make a considerable contribution to hygiene management by effectively fighting bacteria, germs and fungi. Infections with these pathogens pose great risks for patients with corona disease or with an already weakened immune system. In combination, the healing process is strongly negatively influenced and can even lead to death. In hospitals and doctor’s offices in particular, additional measures to improve hygiene standards are therefore very useful in order to reduce the double exposure to viruses, bacteria and fungi. Because with around 500,000 infections per year (in Germany), the risk of becoming infected as a patient with pathogens that are already on site is greater than you think.

Equipping hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, public facilities and private homes with protective, antibacterial textiles from PONGS® not only contributes to increased hygienic safety, but also creates a healthy environment that you can rely on.

Our antibacterial products with tested and excellent Sanitized® hygiene protection are resistant to bacteria and fungi. In addition, they are flame retardant and completely free of PVC, antimony-halogen compounds and heavy metals. They offer long-lasting protection through controlled release of silver ions. A technologically sound approach to the innovative interior of tomorrow: whether mobile partition walls in medical practices, ward rooms or quarantine tents, full-surface wall coverings in hallways or rooms, mobile displays as information signs or display systems on walls and ceilings. The effective uses of our textiles are endless.

We would be happy to explain to you in a personal conversation the many other advantages of antibacterial products from PONGS®. Stay healthy!

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