Anthony Sarpong I The chef is fascinated by acoustic solutions from PONGS®

Anthony Sarpong has found a moment of piece and rest. The chef, restaurateur and cookbook author has made himself comfortable on the Easy Chair Helena by PONGS® and is very excited about this soothing seating comfort. Thanks to ergonomically curved lines and a cover made of sound-absorbing AKUSTICO®, the Easy Chair Helena becomes an oasis of calm. Anthony Sarpong also appreciates the functional properties of the Soundleaves by PONGS® (to be seen in the background).

In his starred restaurant Anthony’s in Meerbusch, they have found a new home and come as an acoustic separation between cooking school and restaurant used. Thanks to their cover made of sound-absorbing SILENCIO® or AKUSTICO®, they can, when combined or as individual elements, noticeably reduce background noise. An additional pleasant atmosphere at Anthony’s is provided by a a wall covered with acoustic textile by PONGS®. Because not only in hotels and public areas, but especially in the catering trade, acoustic solutions are more in demand today than ever before.

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